Poverty, Hunger, Violence, Illiteracy, Political Corruption, Violation of Human Rights are contemporary problems that are increasing worldwide. At the same time, societies are generating more wealth and technical advancement than ever. However, our current economic systems are still unable to guarantee food, security, education for everyone. Maybe it is time to change that. Can we re-construct our mutual living space to diminish poverty, hunger, political corruption, violence, illiterracy, violation of Human Rights?

By developing the idea of Stanislaw Lem (Polish science-fiction writer, "Return from the Stars"), a Polish contemporary artist wants to create a system that allows every human being to participate in the global monetary flow. The system, called the Great Virtual Sculpture (GVS), will be a database that will evenly distribute among all human beings a share of the daily monetary and tax flow. 

As an artist, I would like to question that our current economic systems works properly. Therefore, I propose the Great Virtual Sculpture, an online transaction processing database to which all human beings receive a personal account. The objective of GVS is to re-redistribute a percentage of the world‘s taxes directly to the sculpture account of each human being. Transferring a percentage of tax money into the personal sculpture account of each human being can be a real boost to the world‘s economy. So every day any person in the world can have part of the economic cake.

We start from 1% on taxes paid into the GVS account by any legal institution and privat person. In addition, 0,0001% of transactional tax (to discuss) is paid into the GVS account. This money will be then divided on a daily basis by the number of people in the world. Re-redistributing taxes in this way strengthens each human being‘s every day consciousness of been part of the human society by participating in the global economy. The motto of this sculpture is thus: take and give your piece of daily economical education.


The Great Virtual Sculpture will be actually engaged in the economical, educational, political and justice system that includes the following points: 

1. Fight illiteracy through Art and Education: GoART! GoSCIENCE!

2. Cure violence: Rapport Violence!

3. Enforce equal rights worldwide: GoEDUCATE!
4. Protect and promote global cultural heritage: 

Money from GVS will be used to achieve the above goals. Adults and children are invited to join this new discussion in order to fight hunger and poverty in the world. 


So how does it work? 

•Programmers create a database

•Contemporary art galleries provide server space. At least 10 000 contemporary art galleries and art spaces need to participate.   

•People can sign in and receive their personal GVS account

Finally, money will be transferred to the personal GVS accounts.
Each personal account is connected with e.g. bank account, virtual wallet, other providers who can prove identity. 


Human mobilisation

This project is especially designed to evoke human mobilisation and management. A lot of components of this sculpture already exist: 
e.g. technology, databases. Wisdom exists as well. Wise people are the ones who have non-violent solutions to daily 
problems and are well educated.  

Human rights

Law that violates human rights is automatically abolished and we start from global amnesty to people who committed non violent crimes (they need to pay the money back if they have stolen). From this day, violent people and people who spread any violence are obliged to cure themselves. Violence is allowed just in SMBD saloons between adults and with agreement.

GVS is designed as well to protect privacy (any privacy violation will be punished, min 10% on all assets, till 100% in case of stolen id). 

Human education

Artists, art galleries, art and educational institutions will be responsible for the creative and educational programme. 


A politician can only be a person with a GVS certificate. Any politician can be elected world wide. The longest cadence time for top positions, e.g. president, prime minister, is max. 8 years. Human rights violation and economical abuse by politicians will be fined with 10% on all assets, till 100% in case of extreme abuse.

In the case of damage of any global heritage or human rights violation, Great Virtual Sculpture is obligated to notify the UN in order to prevent any violence in less then 24 hours. 

Who can work for GVS?

just the Best. You are not sure you are one of the Bests - learn and practice.

There will be one personal account for each person. There is no loan for this account.

If you earn 100 times more than the daily GVS income, you are not eligible to collect money from GVS.

If you want to drink alcohol or use drugs you cannot use GVS money!

Legal age worldwide is 17 years and 17 days. GVS delivers your percentage directly into your GVS account. 

If you are hungry, You can eat.

Discuss it!

To finish the old era of human civilization, we create a new calendar starting from 21 December 2013, launch of GVS and the first day of the new calendar.


contact: i need u i'll contact u.  


1988-1994    Technikum Mechaniczne, Kraków, Poland
        Technical School

        Profession obtained: Mechanical Technician, specialised in machine design and industrial technology

Art Project
August 2005    Total Kunst Art Gallery, 3 Bristo Place, Forest Cafe, Edinburgh 
        Edinburgh Art Festival project: ‘Mullet Against the Fringe’
Position: Art director and curator
Press response: 

“And so to the Annuale, a festival that felt truly like a festival, thanks to its fast, freewheeling pace. Total Kunst, a one-room gallery tacked on the side of a café, led the way here. Mounting new shows and performances daily which – despite labouring under a dreadful pun of a title, Mullets Against The Fringe – set the overall high standard” (MAP Magazine, p. 54, issue 4, 2005)

Own exhibitions

December 13/1
February 2010, ul.Rozana25,Krakow.PL
                             Exhibition titled: Exhibition titled: Exhibition
Dec/Jan 2009, ul.Rozana25,Krakow.PL
               2010        Exhibition: Okulary RuroweVI                      
January 2009, ul.Rozana25,Krakow.PL
                              Exhibition: Szlakami szarosci i bezbarwnoÅ›ci
November 2008     Hammer ,Brunnenstrasse43,Berlin,Germany
                                Exhibition: *feel free to add whatever you like
October 2005    Total Kunst, 3 Bristo Place, Edinburgh, UK        
        Exhibition: ‘Kind of Chaos: Peace’ 
September 2005    Sanhain Festival
        Fire Sculpture Designer
August 2005    Total Kunst, 3 Bristo Place, Edinburgh, UK        
         Exhibition: ‘Aquarium’     
Mai 2004           Art Gallery: Sheik Yerbouti, ul. Izaak 1, Krakow, Poland
               Exhibition: ‘Labotomia’
Theatre experience
August 2005      Forest Café, 3 Bristo Place, EH 1 1EY, Edinburgh, UK
    ‘WORDS vs COLOURS’ and ‘THE TOUCH’ theatre play by Ras Babi
                          Technical assistant and set designer


August 2005    Forest Café, 3 Bristo Place, EH 1 1EY, Edinburgh, UK
        My own theatre performance: ‘The theatre that did not want to win the   Fringe’ (in English)
1997        Club Coroner, Kraków, Poland
        Cabaret performer (in Polish)

Work experience in Art Project Management

December  2008 -, ul. Rozana, Krakow, Poland
Position:         Art director
February- April 2007    Beat Gallery, Schlegelstrasse 31, Berlin, Germany
Position: Project Coordinator
2006-2007        Market Gallery, 334 Duke Street, Glasgow, UK
Position: Project Manager

2005-2006        Total Kunst Gallery, 3 Bristo Place, Forest Café, Edinburgh, UK

Position : Art Director & Manager
Skills developed :
Coordinated exhibitions at Total Kunst, 3 Bristo Place, Edinburgh
November 2006        ‘Deux ex machina’, curated by Momenta Art, NY, Market Gallery
October 2006        ‘Do you do a group show?’ at the Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh
Sept. – Oct. 2006    ‘Studio Project 7’, Market Gallery
July-August 2006    ‘Phantasm’, Market Gallery
August 2006        ‘Unwanted Heritage’, Historical Museum Krakau-Nowa Huta, Total                 Kunst
Dec- Jan. 2005/06       ‘John-Wesley Harding Esquire’, Total Kunst
November 2005     ‘Indus[trial] stand alone Organical complex’ by Jonathan Gazoz, Total                 Kunst
Oct.-Nov. 2005        ‘Ninja / Nikita’ by Ida Kvetny, Trine Petersen, Total Kunst
September 2005     ‘Work in Progress (TEDIUM)’ by T.D. MacGregor, Total Kunst
September 2005    ‘Explorations in Communication’ by Ailie Rutherford, Total Kunst
August 2005         ‘Megamikezord’ by Mikolaj Kownacki, Total Kunst    
August 2005        ‘Suitable for Framework’ by Elke Reinhuber, Total Kunst
July-August 2005    ‘Polish Theatre Posters’ by Lukasz Lenda, Marcin Potepski, Total Kunst
July 2005        ‘Luminous Mysteries’ by Corey Strange, Total Kunst
July 2005        ‘Poverty is Beautiful’ by Richard Whiston, Total Kunst 
June 2005        ‘A Walk to Work’ by Ed Pybus, Total Kunst
May 2005        ‘Institutional Seals for the Body’ by Stefanos Pavlakis, Total Kunst
April 2005        ‘WORDS vs COLOURS’ by Ras Babi, Total Kunst
April 2005        ‘Espace et Couleurs’ by Danilo Anna, Total Kunst
March 2005        ‘Cartoon Show’ by Andy McCoy, Total Kunst
Other experience
  1. Freelance work